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Proceedings:  Conservation, Restoration, and Management
of Tortoises and Turtles — An International Conference

© 1997 by the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society,
163 Amsterdam Avenue, Suite 365, New York, New York 10023, USA

The following organizations are gratefully acknowledged
for making the publication of this volume possible:

American Museum of Natural History

Bureau of Land Management, U.S Department of the Interior

Casa de Tortuga—Walter Allen

Chelonia Institute

Desert Tortoise Council

New York Turtle and Tortoise Society

Wildlife Conservation Society

Editor:  Jim Van Abbema
Consulting Editor:  Peter C. H. Pritchard
Editorial Advisory Board:  Kristin H. Berry, Michael W. Klemens, Peter C. H. Pritchard
Assistant Editor and Copy Editor:  Barbara Daddario
Conference Logo Cover Art:  Carolyn Sgandurra
Conference Photographer:  Anita Baskin-Salzberg; additional photographs by Rita Divine
Proofreaders:  William Cermack, Douglas Daly, Allen Foust, Norberto Muller, Phil Puccio
Design and Layout:  Jim Van Abbema
Printing and Binding:  Hatco Printing Corp., Hauppauge, New York
Production and Distribution:  Suzanne Dohm, Allen Foust, Allen Salzberg, Dorothy Windsor

The following organizations provided original funding and organizational support for the conference:  American Museum of Natural History, U.S. Bureau of Land Management (Department of the Interior), Desert Tortoise Council, IUCN-World Conservation/Species Survival Commission, National Science Foundation, New York Turtle and Tortoise Society, State University of New York at Purchase, U.S. Department of Defense.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Proceedings: conservation, restoration, and management of tortoises and turtles: an international
     conference: 11–16 July 1993, State University of New York, Purchase, New York, USA /
     Jim Van Abbema, editor.
           p.       cm.
     “A joint publication of the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society and the WCS Turtle Re-
covery Program.”
     Includes bibliographical references.
     ISBN 0-9659050-0-4 (alk. paper)
     1. Turtles—Congresses. 2. Wildlife conservation—Congresses. 3. Wildlife management—
Congresses. I. Van Abbema, Jim. II. New York Turtle and Tortoise Society. III. WCS Turtle
Recovery Program.
QL666.C5P86         1997
333.95'792—dc21                                                                                                  97-44399

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