Proceedings: Conservation, Restoration, and Management
of Tortoises and Turtles—An International Conference

  1. Page iii:  Under “Anthropogenic Impacts and Habitat Alteration,” the entry “Habitat Utilization of the Desert Tortoise . . . ” should read, “Habitat Use and Food Preferences of the Desert Tortoise . . . ”

  2. Page xii, top photograph:  Pictured with Alex Ypsilanti and David Galbraith is Cassandra Costly (incorrectly identified in the caption as Celestine Ravaoarinoromanga).

  3. Page xiii, Reviewers:  The addresses for the Moll brothers have been inverted.  They should read as follows:

    Don Moll, Biology Department, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri
    Edward O. Moll, Department of Zoology, Eastern Illinois Universty, Charleston, Illinois

  4. Page 115:  We apologize for the poor quality of this photo.  A reproduction of the original color photo may be viewed on the Gerald Kuchling page, Exploitation, Decline, and Extinction of Erymnochelys madagascariensis: Implications for Conservation.

  5. Page 139, top photograph:  Alison Haskell (third from left) was omitted from the caption.  The correctly captioned photo may viewed on the Conference Session page, Breeding, Repatriation, and Relocation.

  6. Page 415, Figure 1:  The correct caption should read, “The Western Ghats of southwestern India (in dark grey), showing hill ranges (>1,000 m) in black and often-intervening lowlands (300–1,000 m) in light grey.”  This figure may be viewed in color on the Indraneil Das page, Identifying Areas of High Herpetological Diversity in the Western Ghats, Southwestern India.

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