NYTTS Celebrated Urban Wildlife Appreciation Day for the Eighth Year, Saturday, May 6, 2017

The day was alternately sunny and warm, then overcast with a cold wind from the south. Matt Hybel rigged a plastic sheet barrier that protected us and the turtles. The cold did not deter the crowd, how­ever, and many curi­ous peo­ple came to the NYTTS tent to see and ask about the turtles.

NYTTS members Judith Barber, Lorri, Mitch, and Abby Cramer, Bar­bara Dad­dario, Suzanne Dohm, Matt Hy­bel, Andrea Ramsey, Frank Schnei­der, and Jim Van Abbema helped field tur­tle questions, and Judith and An­drea gave the kids turtle stamps for their cards.

Native New York turtles on display in­cluded a Diamond-backed Terrapin, a Common Snapping Turtle, a Com­mon Musk Turtle, a Wood Turtle, and an Eastern Box Turtle. Out-of-state American turtles included an Alli­gator Snapping Turtle, a Three-toed Box Turtle, and a Red-eared Slider. Non-native species included a Chinese Box Turtle and a Russian Tortoise.

The event is sponsored annually by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the Urban Park Rangers. This year we are at Highbridge Park in upper Manhattan’s East Side.