News from the 2012 Terrapin Conservation Project

2012 Terrapin Conservation Project Staff and Student Researchers ~ Photo by Kirby Hoffman, WI aquarist

2012 Terrapin Conservation Project Roadkill Report (click graph and map to enlarge)

Summer 2012 Terrapin Conservation Project


Dr. Roger Wood, Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Patrick Baker, Program Director
Dr. Ralph Boerner, Research Scientist
Dr. Roz Herlands, Research Scientist
Dan McLaughlin, Coordinator of Research and Conservation
Ben Atkinson, Visiting Research Scientist, University of Florida
Hannah Reses, Research Assistant, University of Michigan

Student Researchers:

Lauren Apakian, Temple University
Alison Ball, The College of New Jersey
Shawn Bulifant, West Chester University
Jessica Burns, North Carolina State University
Chelsea Fischer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Jennifer Jankowiak, Binghamton University
Alison Mooradian, Vassar College
Ashley Potter, Michigan State University
Hannah Pretz, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Jessica Radich, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Sarah-Anne Rohlfing, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Ian Van Halem, West Chester University

 See Student Researchers’ 2012 Project Abstracts.

Terrapin Conservation in the Media