Large-Scale Breeding of Turtles at São Paulo Zoo:
Implications for Turtle Conservation in Brazil

Adult Trachemys dorbigni and Caiman crocodilus yacare basking at São Paulo Zoo. (Photo by Glória Jafet.)

Fundação Parque Zoológico de São Paulo,
Av. Miguel Stefano, 4241, Cep 04301-905,
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

       ABSTRACT:  In 1985 a captive breeding program for Geoffroy’s side-necked turtle, Phrynops geoffroanus, and Orbigny’s slider, Trachemys dorbigni, was initiated at São Paulo Zoo.  The program has facilitated the study of turtle biology and behavior, and methods for large-scale breeding, necessary for future reintroduction programs, have been developed.  The methods are applicable to the breeding of related endangered species and may be of use to other Brazilian zoos.

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