The Bostami or Black Softshell Turtle, Aspideretes nigricans:
Problems and Proposed Conservation Measures

The Bostami pond and shrine of Sultan al-Arefin Hazrat Bayazid
Bistami near Chittagong, Bangladesh.  (Photo by Peter C. H. Pritchard.)


Department of Zoology, University of Chittagong, Chittagong 4331, Bangladesh
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        ABSTRACT:  Aspideretes nigricans, a large freshwater turtle, is confined to a single pond attached to a Mohammedan shrine in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  The total population is approximately 400 individuals and is dependant upon artificial food supplied by visitors and pilgrims.  The very confined distribution, reduction of potential nesting grounds, and egg predation are major threats to its survival.  Fungal infection is also suspected to be a further stress.  These threats to the species’ survival are discussed, and possible conservation measures are proposed.

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