1999 Annual Turtle and Tortoise Show

Photos by Anita Baskin-Salzberg [ABS], Kay Martin [KM],
and Allen Salzberg [AS]
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Best-in-Show Winner Susan Amoy
with Scott Silber. [AS]

Best In Show

Susan Amoy, tortoise group:  Testudo graeca, Geochelone elegans, and Geochelone carbonaria

First Place — Blue Ribbon

(Fifteen blue, red, and white ribbons were awarded. In many cases a single ribbon was given for a group (two or more animals); in other cases, an individual turtle was awarded a ribbon.  * = Special Mention.)

Sylvia & Charles Hyman*, Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Mark & Monika Riely*, two family groups: 3 Trachemys scripta venusta and 4 Clemmys guttata
Al & Tina Letourneau*, two family groups: 3 Terrapene carolina triunguis and 2 Terrapene ornata ornata
Diane Petrillo*, one family group: 9 Testudo g. graeca and one Testudo graeca ibera
Brian Blecher, 2 Rhinoclemmys punctularia punctularia
Daniel Cramer, Sternotherus minor
Lori and Howard Green, 3 Malaclemys terrapin
Syliva & Charles Hyman, group: 3 Apalone ferox and 2 Mauremys mutica
Karen Meschino, tortoise group: Geochelone sulcata, Malacochersis tornieri, Testudo kleinmani
Diane Petrillo, Kinixys homeana
Sara Ramos, 2 Trachemys scripta elegans and 1 Geochelone denticulata
Frank Schneider, Testudo horsfieldii
Michael Sherwin, aquatic turtle group: Pelomedusa subrufa, Cyclemys dentata, Cuora amboinensis, Sacalia quadriocellata, Clemmys guttata, Trachemys scripta elegans
JoAnn Vacchiano, Geochelone sulcata and Testudo graeca
Gary Weiler, 2 Geochelone carbonaria

Second Place — Red Ribbons

Josephine Arnold*, Trachemys scripta elegans and Chrysemys p. picta
George Pflaum*, Macroclemys temminckii
Lesley Fagen*, Terrapene carolina triunguis
Joan Fuller*, Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Peter Brynildsen, 2 Testudo graeca terristris
Nick Caruso, tortoise group: Geochelone carbonaria, Manauria emys, Testudo graeca
Kimberly Cozzens, Testudo graeca ibera
Thomas Dolinger, Trachemys scripta elegans
Allen P. W. Karen, Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni
Linda Miller, 2 Trachemys scripta elegans
Akemi Okamoto, Cuora flavomarginata
Akemi Okamoto, Testudo g. graeca, Cuora flavomarginata
Noel Rivera, 2 Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Frank Schneider, Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Frank Schnieder, Platysternum magacephalium peguense

Third Place — White Ribbons

Peter Brynildsen, Clemmys insculpta
Daniel Cramer, Pelusios subniger
Lesley Fagen, Geoemyda spengleri
Rhea Greenberg, Cuora flavomarginata
Milton Joseph, Geochelone carbonaria
Milton Joseph, Pelusios subniger
Allen P. W. Karen, Agrionemys horsefieldii
Allen P. W. Karen, Kinosternon scorpoides leucostomum
Julia Korn, 3 Trachemys scripta elegans
Kay Martin & Gary Dee, Geochelone carbonaria, Cuora flavomarginata, Kinosternon cruentatum
Chris Santoro, Pseudemys floridana
Rudi Schnech, Testudo graeca
Ari Taub, Chrysemys picta and Sternotherus odoratus
Benjamin vanBuren, Trachemys scripta elegans
Benjamin vanBuren, Trachemys scripta elegans
A leopard tortoise, Geochelone pardalis babcocki. [ABS]
A big-headed turtle, Platysternon megacephalum. [ABS]

Spot-legged turtles, Rhinoclemmys p. punctularia,
from South America swim in their kiddie pool. [KM]

Tobasco slider hatches. [KM]

Tobasco slider, Trachemys
scripta venusta
, swims free. [ABS]

Nick Caruso shows off his Burmese
black tortoise, Manauria emys phrayrei. [KM]

An infrequently seen stripe-necked leaf turtle, Cyclemys
, owned by Lori and Howard Green. [KM]

Red-footed tortoises, Geochelone carbonaria. [KM]

Leopard tortoises, Geochelone pardalis babcocki. [KM]

Frank Schneider receives a red ribbon for his
Central Asian tortoise, Testudo horsfieldii. [AS]


The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society thanks Dr. Bill McCord, judge for the 1999 Show.

We are grateful to the following companies for donating their products to our raffle:  Bean Farm for a Bean Farm T-shirt, Jurassic Snacks for posters, jewlery, and turtle food, TFH for books (Enyclopedia of Turtles), and Zoo-Med for lights, turtle food, anti-bacterial soaps, and sliding aquarium top.

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