1998 Annual Turtle and Tortoise Show

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           Photos by Allen Salzberg

Best In Show

Sylvia and Charles Hyman, Geochelone pardalis babcocki

First Place — Blue Ribbon

Susan Amoy & Scott Silber, family group: adult pair and four juvenile offspring, Testudo iberia (Special Mention)
Diane Petrillo, family group: adult female and three generations of juveniles, Testudo graeca (Special Mention)
Lori & Howard Green, group of three Malaclemys terrapin terrapin
P. W. Karen, group: one Geochelone chilensis and two Agrionemys horsfieldi
Tina & Al Letourneau, group of five Terrapene carolina triunguis
Tina & Al Letourneau, group of five Terrapene ornata
Kay Martin & Gary Dee, Geochelone carbonaria
George Pflaum, Macroclemmys temminckii
Sara Ramos, Geochelone denticulata
Mark Riely, group of three Clemmys guttata
Frank Schneider, Platysternum megacephalum
Michael Sherwin, long-term captive group: Trachemys scripta elegans, Pelomedusa subrufa, Cuora amboinensis
Michael Siskind, Clemmys guttata
Gary Weiler, Geochelone carbonaria
Peter Wyer, two Kinixys belliana belliana

Second Place — Red Ribbon

Susan Amoy & Scott Silber, two Geochelone carbonaria
Brian Blecher, Heosemys spinosa
Brain Blecher, Rhinoclemmys p. punctularia
Peter Brynildson, captive care group: three Chrysemys picta picta and two Testudo graeca
Nick Caruso, Geochelone emys
Kathy Chow, Geochelone sulcata
Dina Gunderson, two Geochelone carbonaria
Sylvia & Charles Hyman, group of three Trionyx ferox
Sylvia & Charles Hyman, pair of Mauremys mutica
Allen P. W. Karen, Rhinoclemmys p. pulcherrima
Charles Hyman photo
Best-in-Show Winner “Big Alice”
and Charles Hyman with Trophy

Karen Meschino, Geochelone sulcata
Karen Meschino, Malachochersus tornieri
Diane Petrillo, Kinixys homeana
Rudi Schnech, Testudo graeca
Michael Sherwin, Clemmys guttata

Third Place — White Ribbon

Amy & Scott Silber, Geochelone elegans
Josephine Arnold, Chrysemys picta picta
Ben Van Buren, two Trachemys scripta elegans
Mary Beth Chmielewski & Bill Moffat, Trachemys scripta elegans
Thomas Dolinger, Trachemys scripta elegans
Joan Fuller, Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Lorri & Howie Green, Trachemys scripta elegans
Julia Korn, three Trachemys scripta elegans
Diane Lapson, Chrysemys picta bellii
Kay Martin & Gary Dee, Chrysemys picta bellii
Linda G. Miller, two Trachemys scripta elegans
Kerry Ann O’loughlin, Trachemys scripta elegans
Noel Rivera, Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Bryan Salamone, Geochelone pardalis babcocki and Geochelone carbonaria
Chris Vantoro, Pseudemys nelsoni
Susan Amoy and Scott Silber photo
Susan Amoy and Scott Silber
with their tortoises and ribbons.
Alligator Snapper photo
George Pflaum’s blue-ribbon alligator snapper,
Macroclemmys temminckii, showing bright red lure.
Redfoot Tortoise photo
A red-footed tortoise, Geochelone carbonaria,
enjoys a snack at the Show.
Noel Rivera photo
Noel Rivera with white ribbon for his leopard tortoise.

Peter Wyer with two Kinixys b. belliana.

Allen P.W. Karen with Rhinoclemmys p. pulcherrima.
Bill McCord photo
Show judge Bill McCord announces winners.


The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society thanks Dr. Bill McCord, judge for the 1998 Show.

We are grateful to the following companies for donating their products to our raffle:  Advanced Aquarium Systems for excellent books on turtles and tortoise care, Bean Farm for its Bean Farm T-shirt, Ghana’s for gift certificates for crickets, Pretty Pets for turtle pellets, Rainbow for mealworms, Tetra for samples of Reptomin, Timberlaine for gift certificates for superworms and mealworms, Wardley’s for turtle sticks, and Zoo-Med for antibacterial soap and light strips.

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