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Comments received for “In Love with Hubble”:

Sissy Willis, from Chelsea, MA, writes:
     Totally awesome. I'm sending a link to Instapundit at once. Your wonder-full post should be read and savored by the immediate universe! (06/08/09)

LWIP, from NC, writes:
     Yes, the Total Perspective Vortex is everyone’s favorite representation of our new place in the universe. I’ve even referred to it here before: “Mitohypochondria.”

PatHMV, from Baton Rouge, LA, writes:
     The other day, my little brother (age 16) posted as his Facebook status that he: " feels really tiny, ignorant, and insignificant after watching a 2 hour show on the universe." Naturally, I replied with a geeky reference to the Total Perspective Vortex (TPV). I’ve occasionally thought of the Hubble as an early model of the TPV. When you look at the eerily beautiful images, and then stop to realize that most of those structures are many thousands of light years away, and that the structures themselves are larger than anything we can possibly imagine, you can’t help but be reminded that we are all very tiny things in a very big universe. In moderation, this is a healthy perspective to have. As great as our problems may seem at any given moment, they pale in perspective to the mysteries of the universe. As annoyingly certain as you may be, sometimes, of your absolute and total awesomeness, you will never do anything to affect the totality of the universe. And yet while the images keep us humble, our ability (as the human race) to take them, our ability to look so far away in time and space, has got to give us pride in our accomplishments. We have, in the words of the poet John Gillespie Magee, Jr., all managed to slip the surly bonds of earth, put out our hands, and touch the face of God. (06/04/09)

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